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Fate, so bitter nevertheless at times sweeter than honey. 
Life never goes the way you want 
Bend it 
Mend it 
The way you want it to be.

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I've heard from many readers that they couldn't understand words I've used in the poetry, so I've added the meanings of words below each poem :) 

Have fun :)


I loved it, because it was so unique and relatable. The whole idea was amazing and the way you described a true friendship was so beautiful. I was never a fan of poetry, but this one was very good! #CrystalBC
Okay, you seriously have a huge talent writing poems, because I'm so liking them! Man, the way you describe those emotions are SOOO relatable and the whole thing makes you feel it as if it's happening inside you. GREAAAAT work, you deserve like ⭐⭐⭐⭐ a thousand of these! #CrystalBC
guesswhatiam guesswhatiam Oct 17, 2016
Choice of words is also not bad, but can do a lot better because it can be seen in your work
Eat_pray_love Eat_pray_love Dec 23, 2016
It did reflect how you feel when in hatred in each and every word out there.
bubblzblue bubblzblue Nov 13, 2016
I love how real the emotion is, you don't make it seem a fantastical, grandiose idea, it's very relatable. Nice.
RunningOuttaTime RunningOuttaTime Sep 22, 2016
It gave shivers !
                              Never read a poetry so powerful, so much hate.