Save Me. Help Me. Turn Me. |Scomiche|

Save Me. Help Me. Turn Me. |Scomiche|

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Bear-chan By OyasumiKuro101 Updated Aug 06, 2016


"HELP! SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME! HELP ME!" my lungs are screaming for oxygen. 

My legs, they hurt so badly.

I can't see past the tears streaming down my face. 

He's coming. He's coming. Closer. Closer. No. 
I don't wanna die yet. 
I can't! No, not yet.

I feel him catch a hold of my hood and tug me backwards. As my back hits the unforgivingly cold, wet ground, I'm able to look into my attacker's face. 

My heart is hammering in my chest so hard that I can hear its echo in my ears. 
He crouches down.
Cups my cheek in his hand. 
And whispers, 

"There, there, Mitchy~ It'll all be done really soon. Just close your eyes..."

Help Me.

"And count to 10..."

Save Me. 


I only saw the glint of the long object in his grasp for a brief second in the glistening moonlight before I felt an intense sharp pain in my stomach and felt an ear-piercing scream be ripped from my throat.

LilairisPentaholic LilairisPentaholic Jan 02, 2016
I wanna say that you're really good at writing, and I respect the way you're dealing with this. I love you and I hope those 8 people step forward and apologize. Lots of love❤️
Bow_ties17 Bow_ties17 Dec 22, 2015
I'm not one of those nasty people who commented mean things but I do have to ask, where did all of the other chapters go??
KevinsLaugh KevinsLaugh Dec 22, 2015
Wow wth is wrong with people?? How dare they threaten you like this
Ki_the_fangirl Ki_the_fangirl Dec 22, 2015
I am really proud that you are standing up for yourself like this. You go girl!