But Daddy! |z.h| bxb

But Daddy! |z.h| bxb

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Transgender By Homosauce Updated Mar 14, 2016

"I just want to be your daddy."

"Sorry I don't speak bullshit." 

or the au where Niall is innocent but he isn't stupid and Zayn just wants a slice of his cake.

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-Dysfunctional -Dysfunctional Feb 09, 2016
I'm already in love and I haven't even read the whole chapter.
Queenkatishere Queenkatishere Dec 04, 2016
Wait what? Why would you divid by 2 and add5? Can someone please explain this to me
Queenkatishere Queenkatishere Dec 04, 2016
You guys are so lucky! My Dad doesn't even get the 5sos part right. He says : 5 seconds of Direction and 101 Direction and When he does that I always go like:smh I can't even *sighs internally*
imacigarette imacigarette Jan 15, 2017
I never get scratched...cats trust me even if I used tho swing then around by their tails and throw them
Queenkatishere Queenkatishere Dec 04, 2016
I have a dog who likes to bite the mailman so fingers off. Barks like all hell is loose too.
Totsie_roll_hershey Totsie_roll_hershey Mar 15, 2016
Bruh I would've just let him and said I wanna go to taco bell