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Mama Alpha By Superfruit_IsLife Completed

"You're here because you can't sleep. Or won't let yourself eat. Maybe voices speak to you sometimes. Maybe... You don't know what's wrong.

Whatever the reason, whatever the cause... 

You belong here. 
I suggest you get comfortable."

(A Pentatonix + mental illness AU)

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pleased-to-please-ya pleased-to-please-ya Jun 01, 2018
Okay I get that everyone wants them to be a couple but this is still cute
pleased-to-please-ya pleased-to-please-ya Jun 01, 2018
Wait does he have that thing where you can't censor your thoughts?
YaLocalBitchYaz YaLocalBitchYaz Apr 30, 2018
if ya say so.
                              *runs out the room with a huge poster that says scomiche is real*
what is mitch’s disorder he’s seems like jumpy and stuff idkkkk how to describe it
Ha this is funny because real life Avi kinda doesn't like Mitch but that's a story for another time
raisedbybandz raisedbybandz Nov 24, 2018
This is like my 4th(?) reading this and this line always makes me heart feel happy