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Swedish Pancake By Superfruit_IsLife Completed

"You're here because you can't sleep. Or won't let yourself eat. Maybe voices speak to you sometimes. Maybe... You don't know what's wrong.

Whatever the reason, whatever the cause... 

You belong here. 
I suggest you get comfortable."

(A Pentatonix + mental illness AU)

AviKaplanXTrash AviKaplanXTrash Dec 31, 2016
Wait Kirstie seems normal. Unless she has schizophrenia maybe cause the nightmares ok I take it back
GrassiKaplan GrassiKaplan Dec 30, 2016
AWWW. Doesn't matter how many times I read this, it's always as beautiful.
Mayonnaise69 Mayonnaise69 Dec 30, 2016
This is like the 100th time I've read this and it's still my favourite. It's amazingly written and flows perfectly. Good job!
Carlyrose2 Carlyrose2 Dec 19, 2016
I'm re-reading......again for the 40th time... and this is still to this day my favorite book on this site
AviKaplanXTrash AviKaplanXTrash Dec 31, 2016
Mitchell Coby Michel grassi please be less blunt. Maybe speak slower then think about way you say please
TheJanielLove TheJanielLove Dec 31, 2016
It's 6am and I want to continue reading this fanfic but I am tired too and want to go back to sleep, cri.