Peppermint Mocha《A NaruHina Fanfiction》

Peppermint Mocha《A NaruHina Fanfiction》

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H♠mster Ninja By TheHamsterNinja Completed

A small café two blocks from the university.

A jock/bad boy who everybody knows and love.

A quiet, shy pre-med nerd who nobody knows.

Except for the bad boy... who always wants that Peppermint Mocha made only by the quiet nerd.

You've made it past elimination round one!
                              AKA, your grammar doesn't make our judges want to die. 
                              Good luck in future rounds!
LivingLIFEas_a_Queen LivingLIFEas_a_Queen Dec 04, 2016
It always has to be the nice girls to get hit with a ball at school 
                              *cough cough (me) cough*
naruhina_4_life naruhina_4_life Dec 17, 2016
WHO IS IT I WILL BEAT THEM UP!! if i had the courge to 😳😳
MilayTheKunoichi MilayTheKunoichi Dec 12, 2016
They can't say nothing about you! Ino eyes are all blue, sasuke eyes are all black, neji eyes are exactly like yours and every girl adore him. So they can't say nothing cuz you are beautiful
Aozora_ Aozora_ Dec 05, 2016
This makes me feel better after reading the first few chapters of Konohas Bad Boy CEO
maddi2013 maddi2013 Dec 05, 2016
Lowkey tho I don't read Naruto fanfictions very often because I see them and tears start rolling down my cheeks.