After The Storm  *Kakashi Hatake* (Naruto Fanfiction)

After The Storm *Kakashi Hatake* (Naruto Fanfiction)

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Yokina Washi is forced to become a criminal in order to survive the harsh world of the ninja. Once she decides she can't take a life of killing and murder, and wants to start a new life, will she be able to? Or will her past come back to haunt her? With the help of new friends and a new home, who knows what'll happen
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Worstewritersblock Worstewritersblock Jul 16, 2016
I love how the author doesn't know how old she is......unless *le gasp* it was to develop the story...I just cracked the code
Worstewritersblock Worstewritersblock Jul 16, 2016
MERICA!!! Not stoping with one tail nah we're going with 10x the MERICA
_Anime_Is_Bae _Anime_Is_Bae Nov 10, 2015
When I read this I thought of grell for some reason. Wielding his " Death Scythe " A.K.A his scissors
MeowAna-chan MeowAna-chan Sep 25, 2015
*Dies because favourite weapon is listed under worst weapon*......ugh I love scythes sooooo much!
mysteriousbadkitty mysteriousbadkitty Nov 23, 2014
Atleast a eagle is better looking than that ugly 10 tails -.-
duckbuttsasugay duckbuttsasugay Jun 14, 2014
okay c: good /nice if i was of any help...sry if i sounded mean or rude i definitely DIDNT mean it.