My Dark Side (Diabolik Lovers x Reader)

My Dark Side (Diabolik Lovers x Reader)

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DreamScape By DR_EaM Updated Oct 16

Cover was made by: @Shiroxa.

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She was different, that was certain.

With her rebellious attitude, she seems to have intrigued a certain amount of vampires- and not only do they become infatuated with her blood, they begin to become obsessed with the girl herself.

Her dark past has left her with unanswered questions, and soon she'll discover the truth behind the terrifying memories that haunt her, and just how insane she can become. 

"You smell better then Yui.. One bite shouldn't hurt, ne, Teddy?"

"Are you trying to seduce me, Slut-chan?~"

"You're mine and no one else's. I will be your first everything." 

"It seems as if you need some disciplining.. That can be arranged." 

"So sweet... Let me taste you.." 

"I can't control myself..!"


Characters aren't mine! I don't own them, or more importantly- I don't own you. 

I try people, I really do. This is my first fanfiction ever, so go easy on me~

Why thank you I used coconut- WAIT A SECOND! I SEE WHAT YOU'RE DOING NUHUH! Not gonna work hon- GODDAMNIT!
^^; I'm sure ill be safe if I hide in my closest with my foxy plushy
"For your information I am a sexy intruder. Get it right." I'd say that.
Ok Laito I'm "Slut-chan" then you're going to be called "A***whole-kun." -.-
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Great  story  it's  really  hard to find  these kind of stories
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                              Author-san! You have awesome writiny skills! 
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                              I LOVE THIS BOOK