My Dark Side

My Dark Side

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dreamscape By DR_EaM Updated Jul 01

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/ / / 

Compared to the petite blonde, the difference between her and Yui was as vast as the universe itself. 

She was rebellious, loud, stubborn - a walking candlelight ready to swell into a raging flame at any second. All she needed was the fuel, and with her careless attitude she's now having to face the consequences. 

She just didn't realise it would be 6 devilishly handsome brothers that would be the ones to execute her fate. 

/ / / 

"I promise! One day we'll escape and live together like a real princess and prince!" 

"Stay by my side, and I'll treat you like the queen you deserve to be." 

"All of your attention needs to be focused on me.. No one else." 

"If you're willing to give all of yourself to me.. I won't disappoint you." 

"You're always sacrificing yourself for others. This time, it'll be the other way around." 

"For someone so undeserving of your affection, I swear I'll protect you. Count on me and me only, (F/N)." 

/ / / 

Her blurry past consumes her almost every night. Haunting memories being the cause of her insomnia, and the constant fear of reliving them as she resides in a prison of hatred and blood. 

Soon, it'll be time to awaken; and the brothers, all 12, aren't even close to being ready for her arrival.

  • ayato
  • azusa
  • kanato
  • kou
  • laito
  • mukami
  • rebellious
  • reiji
  • ruki
  • sakamaki
  • shuu
  • subaru
  • yuma
"It was Massive" omg I'm giggling like a school girl and i can't stop someone help pFFT
"Oh the fun I could have with you" AH SOMEONE HELP I CANT STOP
minigekke1 minigekke1 Jul 18
You call me 'slut-chan'? *take out belt* you will regret calling me that...💢
StrangerN StrangerN Feb 09
                              " Aww~ Slut-chan didn't even say hello. But ... That scent, wasn't it delightful, Kanato-kun? "
                              " Why thank you, Laito! I killed tons of people so the scent stuck with me! "
                              * Such an 'innocent cinnamon roll' *
Otaku_love2004 Otaku_love2004 Dec 17, 2016
I got that we're a rebel, but I would never do this. It's just not my style... However I would probably toilet paper all the trees and rosebushes in the garden, because I'm a bitch 😂😂
Otaku_love2004 Otaku_love2004 Dec 17, 2016
Please tell me he is holding a knife behind him, that would make things so much more interesting 😏