She'll Be The DEATH Of Me {Sock x Reader}

She'll Be The DEATH Of Me {Sock x Reader}

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•Momma Cici• By CiciCasanova Updated Nov 10, 2016

{Y/N} didn't have many friends...none at all actually...

She lived in a small town, attended a small school, and a small family that would care less if she snapped.

And, one day, she did.

She killed herself and went to hell. End of story right? Not quite.

Mephistopheles gave a job offer. Who would decline?

But...there's competition... named...Napoleon Maxwell Sowachowski. Also know as...Sock.

{picture by tumblr user: cottonhide}

ImAFuckingToaster ImAFuckingToaster Sep 02, 2016
Wtf how'd you know? My names Kate but I go by Kat… Are you psychic?!?!
HyperGalaxyGhoul HyperGalaxyGhoul May 31, 2016
Emi = Kat
                              this might sound rude, but this is an X Reader. Reader~Chan needs their own name
                              but again, I'm so sorry that sounded a little rude *^*
ChaoticCake ChaoticCake Oct 17, 2016
i know you're in pain and everything sock, but this has to be done...
                              that's what she said XD
Xxkitten304xX Xxkitten304xX May 14, 2016
Mephi knows all about Wattpad he's #1 writer of sock x reader an sockathan
BenAnjema BenAnjema Nov 29, 2015
Actually, people call me, "that awkward fangirl", but Kat is good. Lol XD
Lydia-the-insane Lydia-the-insane Nov 02, 2015
Ow. You hear that? *crack* It's the sound of my heart breaking from reading what happened to senpai. T^T