The Benefits ► NaLu [ lemon ]

The Benefits ► NaLu [ lemon ]

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✰ fluff queen ✰ By Infinite_Midnight Updated Aug 12, 2017

Lucy; an average twenty-three year old bartender who lived a comfortably normal life in Fiore, that is until a pink-haired patron charmed his way into her life.

Natsu; a sexy and well-off twenty-five year old who lived an exhilarating life of fun and adventure, uninterested in staying put with one woman - opting instead for one-night flings. But something about that blonde bartender enticed him...

It's a simple friends with benefits relationship, but can it stay that simple?

⇾There's one condition: Don't fall in love⇽

**Strong sexual themes and explicit language**


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CinnamonRoll_Galaxy CinnamonRoll_Galaxy Apr 09, 2017
... Leo and Cana? Or maybe it's just some random character in the story added in
actual-606 actual-606 Aug 28, 2017
I randomly scrolled to this part and thought it was Natsu's p.o.v., so I was just 
                              "Boy. You gay??"
StarkCave StarkCave Sep 25, 2017
Dragneel..Natsu Dragneel.. I'd like a martini shaken, not stirred
-sanhahaha -sanhahaha Aug 24, 2017
i really hope its leo/loke......if it was guildarts i would be creeped out.
sboubs sboubs Sep 25, 2017
As soon as I saw "lemons" as the title I jumped right into the book lmao
FreyaValerie FreyaValerie Dec 15, 2017
ok then that's pretty easy to get away from rape just say stop :D