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It was 1965 on a late fall night a family just came back from dinner when they were slaughtered by two twin boys who died in that same house on that same night. Some say that the place is haunted by the two twin boys. People have bought the house before but never made it out of the house, they were all murdered.

In the present day, a new family moves in that very home with a 17 year old daughter Raven, 18 year old son August, and a 16 year old son Damien.. When the siblings become aware of the story behind their new house, they soon regret even liking the house.

[Idk, I'm bad at descriptions. This is an inspired story, I got some of my ideas from American Horror Story: Murder House and Lost Girl, but I interpreted my own story into it.]

Don't steal my shit.

They must be white cuz I know if this was me and my family, we leaving the house😂😂😂
BadGal_ BadGal_ Jul 02
Shiiiiieeett two Chris Browns😈 Ima bout to move there and make some deal with them.... poor boys haven't seen pussy in years
Jan_26th Jan_26th Jun 28
YOU know everyone is all in one room, you hear noises upstairs and you still go?
FmleBreezy FmleBreezy Sep 30, 2016
🤔 yo mama ain't never taught you to go towards the scary noises?
- - Sep 12, 2016
Me!! I want to by it! Shiiiih Fwackkkk u mean, there's not only one but two Chris Browns in there.... heell yeah!!!
phuckyourincometaxes phuckyourincometaxes Aug 02, 2016
Hi, new reader. I'm loving this far had me scared. He must was white because no black person going up no stairs knowing thre shouldn't be anybody up there. I would've grab my family and left everything and never return.