The Alpha's Child

The Alpha's Child

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Haley Chandler By Haley50340 Completed

"I reject you."


"I, John Cooper reject you, Lucy Williams as my mate and Luna of this pack."


Lucy Williams is 17 and is at her future Alpha's party, not only does he become Alpha but hopefully finds his mate. When Lucy found out John Cooper was her mate they were both drunk. When Lucy wakes up she realized they did the dirty and she was also rejected. She thought she could take the pain but when she found out she was pregnant she didn't want her child to get hurt the same way she decide to leave.

4 years later Lucy had her child. She  works two jobs as a waitress so her Aunt Denny watched the child . But what happens when she sees John again? He is surprised to Lucy and how well she is doing well. He is still in his bad boy ways but when he meets Lucy's and his child, his worlds takes a turn.

Will Lucy forgive him and allow his to see his child....or will she push John away?

Read 'Alpha's Child' to find out

Peace my wolfies ;)

  • betrayal
  • family
  • happiness
  • hurt
  • left
  • love
  • rejection
Blanxkfacetae Blanxkfacetae 3 days ago
Can't realte because I'm the person invading the space so if someone decides they want to invade my space I let them because I do the same
palmovile palmovile May 15
Yeahh u go girl. Hope in this story main lead will have the spine to stand up😤
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The is me! I punched a guy in the stomach for slinging his arm around me!
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I know two completely different families with that last name in my school! Lol
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That's my sister literally I mean even if it's just a poke from a baby she gets angry