Dark Saviour

Dark Saviour

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Anele Carey By anelecarey Updated Aug 02, 2017

Here's the deal.  I'm Master of the City, the Vampire Zass and while you might think you know me and what that means if you've read my story so far, you'd be wrong.  You haven't even begun to scratch the surface, of my 675+ years of life.  Becoming a Titan is making things more interesting, even I don't know what that will happen in the future.  I've already become a Daywalker, my bonding with Scott has increased my own Sensitivity.  Controlling what happens when we bring other humans into their own supernatural power when Scott and I fool around is still an issue.      

This time round Scott's been kidnapped by one of the creatures I hate more than any other, Circe.  But my friends are rallying around me to go kick some Manticore ass.  Zeus is back in the picture because well, Titan.  To top it all off there's someone new on the horizon who is going to give me a run for my money in a Federal Authority kind of way.  Want to know more?  Well read on Lovelies!

Cover art my @smitchymitchy (Fabulous isn't it!)

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XxLightDarkHeroinexX XxLightDarkHeroinexX Sep 25, 2016
Take advantage of what she doesn't know. She won't expect the amount of power Scott and Zass have, that's right. This is a great advantage on your part. Kick her ass, Zassy.
-666BANDTRASH -666BANDTRASH Nov 09, 2016
XxLightDarkHeroinexX XxLightDarkHeroinexX Sep 25, 2016
Oh! Okay... I'm scared... That name means business when it's used by loved ones and close friends..
XxLightDarkHeroinexX XxLightDarkHeroinexX Sep 25, 2016
Yeah uhh no he didn't say that. You're putting words in his mouth. He asked you what you WANTED! HE DIDN'T OFFER UP ANYTHING HONEY! Silly scorpion
XxLightDarkHeroinexX XxLightDarkHeroinexX Sep 25, 2016
Idk if I've been pronouncing this right. I'm saying Mee-kah, is it Mih-kah, My-kah?
XxLightDarkHeroinexX XxLightDarkHeroinexX Sep 25, 2016
Somehow I don't feel like Zass would say this. But he's your character, not mine, so, the fück do I know 😹😹