Movie Night [Vocaloid]

Movie Night [Vocaloid]

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Xnony By Metal_Works Completed

"I can't wait for Cinderella to get here and mess up your happy little world, Miku."

After Kaito and Miku start dating, Len starts to avoid all the other Vocaloids in favor of staying locked up in his room all day and night. This all changes one day however when Rin forces him to come to Movie Night. Can Len keep his feelings in check? Or will he slip up? Find out now~!


I personally don't like Miku very much either. But that's just me. It's okay.
I'm confused. I read to fast and now I'm here with no clue what just happened.
Pittoo56 Pittoo56 May 30
Can I just mention that Romeo and Juliet commit suicide and it was never a relationship
                              It lasted 3 days and killed 6 people
Meiko loves beer. Or a type of beer. That explains her being drunk.
I see why people ship Kaito and Miku, but I am sticking to KaiLen.
FluffehNya FluffehNya Aug 11
I want a twin sister! I would name her squishy, and she would be mine!