You are a werewolf??? Very funny!

You are a werewolf??? Very funny!

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Crazy-little-writer By Crazy-little-writer Updated Nov 06, 2017

"Mine" The guy said holding me tighter and.......sniffing me? What the hell?Why did he say 'Mine' and that too by sniffing me? Oh..I get it now!
"Listen and listen well. The perfume that I used on me is mine. Not yours okay? I mean not exactly mine. It's Natey poo's and sure he told me not to use it because according to him I'm the one who bought it for him and I'm the only one using it. But seriously whatever is his, is mine too right? Anyway the point is...the point is it's not yours. Just because you have the same type doesn't mean that I have used yours. I don't even know you! So get LOST."

Zack Calson is one of the most ruthless Alpha that ever exist. He shows no mercy. Everyone is scared just by his name. He is feared by all while he fears none. He hates everyone and everyone hates him. So what will happen when the most ruthless Alpha of all meets the happy, talkative, carefree and baby like Zoey Jackson, his human mate?


Read to find out !

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Rutie-Shipper Rutie-Shipper Apr 14, 2017
There MUST be a shop gettin hella profits selling chloroform to sexy  alphas!!!
JXC_123 JXC_123 Aug 21, 2017
Definitely stop rambling in your head otherwise I'd shut you up before I bring out my shovel to bury your mouth 😂😂 I'm kiddin
imfairlydolan imfairlydolan Oct 09, 2017
When I was smaller I thought I was a power ranger and I was waiting on the red ranger to call me and join the team
Loadingdotdotdot Loadingdotdotdot Sep 02, 2017
If she dessporitly needed to shut up I'm sure they can make another centepede movie
romance-chick romance-chick Jun 13, 2017
I love that picture,it looks like the castle in tangled. I love that movie!
Lela15555 Lela15555 Mar 10
What the hell do you mean by you're not capable of loving her I WILL CHOP YOUR DICK I YOU DON'T