skinny ※ sasunaru

skinny ※ sasunaru

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›naruto does not belong to me.

›short story

›one of my first stories that I decided to actually publish 

›warning: naruto is self conscious about his weight.

Nov. 7, 2015 - Nov. 8, 2015

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LookinGood909190 LookinGood909190 Oct 24, 2017
Bitch, I wish!
                              If only I hated food enough to throw it back up...
                              But nooooo, I have to love food to the point I'll eat two servings of dinner, go out with my friends and say "I'm hungry"
                              At least I'm not alone... Right?
-yenaa -yenaa Jan 13, 2018
I had just eaten, then I read this chapter and now I need to throw up. Seriously, I've gotten a stomach ache from this chapter..! 😅😂🤢
Lifesadragok Lifesadragok Oct 24, 2017
Smh need some worrying about me like Sasuke like deadass I can skip eating during school a whole year and no one will bat an eye
Zarine212 Zarine212 Jan 28, 2018
Because people are fückin judgmental.. if y'all chubby they gonna be fat fat all over ya and y'all skinny , they'll be skin n bones skin n bones all over ya.. smh.. fück them mfs tbh..
LookinGood909190 LookinGood909190 Oct 24, 2017
What it means when I say I'm fine-
                              "I'm fine." = "No, bitch... Stop talking to me."
                              "I'm fine." = "I wanna kms."
                              "I'm fine." = "I'm actually perfectly fine, I just don't wanna talk rn."
TeddyBearUchiha TeddyBearUchiha Nov 19, 2018