skinny ※ sasunaru

skinny ※ sasunaru

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VonLame By vonlane Completed

›naruto does not belong to me.

›short story

›one of my first stories that I decided to actually publish 

›warning: naruto is self conscious about his weight.

Nov. 7, 2015 - Nov. 8, 2015

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anwen444 anwen444 3 days ago
Haha yay I’m anorexic too... yay... let’s... celebrate... 
                              I need help
StrangeEncounter StrangeEncounter Nov 13, 2017
Festively plump people are so much better. Their clothes are big, and feel so comfortable when you wear them. Laying on them is like having a water bed that breathes, and they give the best hugs, they’re always warm so hug them when it’s below 50 degrees and eat cake kids 👍
LookinGood909190 LookinGood909190 Oct 24, 2017
                              I'm fat too bitch.
050801R 050801R Sep 10, 2017
What in the world? And who in the world and how does this world and since when in the world have you been given the right to judge people 
wolfmoonhowler wolfmoonhowler Sep 05, 2017
I'm surprised I haven't rolled my eyes into another dimension
TheSecretWriter10 TheSecretWriter10 Oct 07, 2017
Please don't Naru. And Choji, why did you have to mention that?