Willa & the Extraordinary Internship 📖  | ✓

Willa & the Extraordinary Internship 📖 | ✓

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⭐️ 2016 Watty Award Winner ⭐️
  Willa Grainger is your average twenty-four-year old with one exception - she never left her university. 
  A year after she graduated she still remains employed with Professor Paige Grimsby, acclaimed author of the popular Simeon Lee series. Her struggles to find a boyfriend, find a job, and write the next bestseller seem like a walk in the park when it comes to her volatile on-again, off-again relationship with her friend Cynthia Smoak, one-third of their best friend trio. 
  But Cynthia's always been competing against Willa in a game Willa didn't even know she was playing. When she does something unforgivable, Willa's forced to examine her life and her friendships, leading her to a new romance with an unlikely young man - a former student who's convinced Paige stole his undergraduate novel idea. 
  Willa's never been comfortable with change and the experiences she's encountered during her extended internship with Paige makes her question who she is and what happens when the people you're friends with aren't the people you like.

Oh, c'mom. Cut it with the Harry Potter drama. It's just a book —or books. It's not that important. 🙄
GoBackToReality GoBackToReality Dec 07, 2016
Ugh I know someone like this those type of people are so annoying
Shout out to the people that just read the last chapter and Is here again because they forgot Geoff lol
_xlileax_ _xlileax_ 5 days ago
Um What no ty I'm just going to go *shuts her fictional door yet continues reading"
thistlr thistlr Dec 16, 2016
Talking to people makes me exhausted too, but I actually hate small talk. It's so boring and there's nothing to it. Like you're running through the routines of having a conversation, but never really saying or talking about anything
MLGarrett MLGarrett Dec 14, 2016
I've been writing for a long time now. This is something I still struggle with.