The Lullaby Of Monsters

The Lullaby Of Monsters

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K.A.H By Kiamichi Updated Sep 17, 2017

Book 1 of the "Monsters Song" Series

He easily towered over me, his red and orange scales gleamed almost otherworldly in the last few strands of twilight. 

I quickly tried to mask the fear consuming my body and stood my ground. 

His glowing yellow eyes festered with longing and need as deep as the very ocean itself. 

And they were turned on me. 

"I see you have answered my call." He thundered softly. 

I narrowed my eyes and scowled at him. 
"I did no such thing, if anything you lured me out here." 
I tried to keep my words steady,  but when faced with a 700ft Kaiju dragon monster it was nearly impossible. 

He smiled flashing deadly fangs bigger than my entire body.
"You have become such a fine young woman, Velia But no more games little one... You know what I've come for."
Myths turn to legend 
Monsters walk the streets 
And no one, especially Velia Daemonheart is safe. 

To fulfill an ancient pact with a mighty race long thought extinct, Velia must answer the song of monsters; and face a destiny she never knew of and yet did not desire. 
Copyright ©K.A Harris 2016
First Chapter: 1/31/16

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wigmonk wigmonk Aug 09, 2017
Aye, aye mon capitan! Finally an author who knows the power they have. its your world you made it. The rules are yours. Please, please don't change to make a few whiner babies happy. Write the only way that makes you happy.
I get these comments all the time on one of my books. It’s so annoying 😡😒 I’m like, “Yes! I know that the ‘your’ is supposed to be a ‘you’re’. Thank you for leaving a rude and repeated comment. Okay. I’m done with my rant lol. This book looks so cool!
LuluThePix LuluThePix Jun 08, 2017
I'm italian.... So it's impossible for me to find an error.😂😂😂😂
roan2177 roan2177 Feb 06, 2016
i love your books so much that i always check everyday for any update. i hooe that before you wrote another story you finish the first book first. so that your readers and followers will able to moved on.... Hope to get more updates from your books.
WhenSomeoneHateUrOTp WhenSomeoneHateUrOTp Mar 29, 2016
I actually had no idea what this book was about, but reading the excerpt, I was like, "This is hot!" Get it...........It's about dragons.......