Heaven Sent

Heaven Sent

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Katherine Coitier By Katherin3Coitier Updated Feb 09, 2011

Angels... They come to help us. Guide us. Encourage us. Some people cannot see. Some are there but you don't know they are angels.

Anrielle was told that she just needed to observe a gathering. To go to this small little village in a kingdom that is having some problems. A drought had taken root and people were starting to suffer. She had thought that's all she had to do. Observe.

But things changed when she receives a vision. A vision that the king who was before her was about to be shot. She couldn't let that happen. She catches him off guard when she flung herself onto him at the most critical moment. She saves his life.

Now things are going as they normally do... She isn't taken back home by her people. She is left in that kingdom. And she is developing feelings for the king. 

Find out what happens when things happen that keep them together...

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CatofFire CatofFire Mar 06, 2015
the grammar is a little dificult to get used to.... but I still lobe the story! great idea!!!
Katherin3Coitier Katherin3Coitier Oct 17, 2010
@xLittleMonstahX There is my other story as well. And there will be more to come... To chapters for this story so far written on my computer and many many chapters for the other that's part of a series. I hope they are good enough to make you a fan!
xLittleMonstahX xLittleMonstahX Oct 17, 2010
This is an amazing story. I love the way it was written and the idea of the plot. This definitely deserves more reads :) Keep writing!
Deep4141 Deep4141 Oct 16, 2010
U have a very nice writing style !!! In fact, what impressed me was ur vocab and the eloquence. I might add that u need to watch out for the tenses and little spelling bloopers in ur story. Correct them and u have got a swell story ! ;-))
                              p.s. This was worthy of my vote !!! Cheers !!!  ;-D