A Taint in the Blood

A Taint in the Blood

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KarissaLaurel By KarissaLaurel Updated Dec 31, 2015

Serendipity Blite inherited her father's crackerjack shooting skills while Bloomington, Sera's sister, got his knack for mechanical engineering. The siblings' talents make them a formidable pair capable of surviving the apocalyptic aftermath of the Dead Disease. The girls' skills also attract the unwanted attention of Moll Grimes, a ruthless woman intent on building a new empire in a city infested with undead. 

When Bloom goes missing, Sera suspects Moll has something to do with it, but attempting a rescue mission on her own would be suicidal. Sera seeks help from a band of unlikely allies, including Erik LaRoux, an enigmatic young man with a curious scar, and a collection of alchemists obsessed with developing a cure for the Dead Disease. 

Sera's alliance with Erik challenges her old ways of coping-- her fierce independence and cold detachment won't be enough to save her sister. But as she opens herself to new possibilities, an unfortunate accident sets Sera teetering on the edge of a deadly abyss. Surrendering to it would bring an end to Sera's pain, grief, and fear, but surviving could mean finding family, love, and maybe even a cure.

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A very rough draft of this story is written in it's entirety, so it's guaranteed that this does exist as a finished story on my computer.  I plan to add new parts every Friday afternoon, and sometimes more often, as my schedule allows.  **UPDATE as of 10/21/2016**  I had to stop for a bit and work on the editing for another novel (one that's actually getting published) so this one is taking a momentary break. But I hope to start working on posting new chapters very soon.

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