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Long Lost (OUAT Fanfic)

Long Lost (OUAT Fanfic)

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grace By Forever-LostGirl Updated 4 days ago

What if the fairytales we all think we know are false?  What if Snow White and Prince Charming had a daughter, and was forced to give her up to save her from the Dark Curse?
Even that story is about to change.

Grace is Snow White and Prince Charming's second daughter, the twin of Emma Swan.  She doesn't know this, though, as she has always thought that she had been abandoned at birth.  Within her life, she meets new people, is reunited with old friends and enemies, and is eventually reunited with her family.

What will happen when she meets them?  What will happen when all of her questions are answered?  Find out in 'Long Lost', a fanmade story of ABC's 'Once Upon a Time'.

NOTE:  I will be changing the storyline a bit.  So, basically, when time started again in Storybrooke is when everyone unfreezes in the Enchanted Forest.  It will take Emma approximately one year to break the curse and when she does is when the story begins.  Captain Hook (aka, Killian Jones) was never with Cora when she froze the land.  Yes, he was still working with her, but he had other matters to attend to.  Finally, I will be changing some of the ages of the characters to fit in the story, as they were not given in the show.  Characters I am changing will most likely be added in Grace's life.  All changes have a purpose.  Remember that.

I do not own any characters besides my OC, Grace.  Fan-made story, no copyright intended.  I have also posted this story up on Quotev (@StarksSpangledBanner).  Same title, same story.  If anyone sees this story up on any other website, do let me know as I do not take well to copyright.

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