Wanted ⇋Tom Riddle⇌

Wanted ⇋Tom Riddle⇌

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kat By 11QueenSupreme11 Updated Feb 26, 2016

"You're telling me that this girl-Freya Vale-is the only one who could defeat Voldemort besides me?" Harry asked, bewildered as he stared down at the picture. 

Professor McGonagall nodded solemnly.

"But professor," Ron started, uncertain. "How do we even know where she is? No one knew how she disappeared!"

"Or if she's dead or not." Hermoine added. 

"She is our only hope. We must find her as soon as possible, before Voldemort does." 

"But how could she defeat him? I thought Harry was the only one who could-the prophesy said so." Hermoine pointed out. 

"She won't defeat him, per say. More like... persuade him to end his dark deeds. Her disappearance was what caused him to fall back into the darkness. We just need to find her, show him that she is on our side, and he will stop everything at once. Trust me on this." 

"But how could he just do that? Stop everything just for her?" Harry said.

"Because he loved her of course."

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callmemarvolo callmemarvolo Aug 27, 2017
                              If you know what fanfic I got this from I will love you forever
vintageteamagic vintageteamagic 2 days ago
This is only the first paragraph and I’m already impressed with your writing skills
- - Jun 06, 2017
*Guickly grabs a camera and dashes to there location to take one in a life time stalker photos of them*
vintageteamagic vintageteamagic 2 days ago
I love how your book starts off with the being a couple! It makes it different
minlovon minlovon Dec 23, 2016
First i read : and her body clattered to the ground, broken i half.... 
                              I was like dafuq😂😂😂😂😂😂
-librocubicularist -librocubicularist Jul 10, 2016
I have not read this book yet, because I made a deal with myself to only read a book once it was finished. So can I personally say... HURRY THE HELL UP AND FINISH THIS BOOK SO I CAN READ IT!!!!!!