The Tales of Alice Dawntman | Klaus Mikaelson

The Tales of Alice Dawntman | Klaus Mikaelson

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Let the word sink in. Some people don't have much of it, others kill to have it, some just take it for granted. To me, it was just another word in a dictionary, until the massacre of the werewolf pack, Eclipse, happened. Losing loved ones isn't exactly what you would call, 'a cake walk'. Its damages can cause a variety of different symptoms. Murderous, depressed, paranoid, abandonment issues, are just a portion. What helps is that you have friends to cheer you on, but not all of us were fortunate enough to receive that. I sadly fall under this category. But now I'm in New Orleans, everything's bound to be better right? 

Guess again. I'll tell you my tale of how I made a lifelong enemy, true friends, more enemies, and the love of my life. To get you started, I guess I would agree, falling for a Mikaelson was stupid, especially when you're an Alpha and he's the original hybrid.

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