Pained Beauty (Book One)

Pained Beauty (Book One)

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Vanessa By ItsKingNessie Updated Jan 25

Navanni Richardson; 17 years old. From witnessing her father's death to being separated from her mother and sister, she is in misery for years, even after being adopted by Estella White, a policewoman. 

But when she meets the Alsina's, she soon learns how to love and live again while at the same time, searching for her broken family.

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luvy1tonji luvy1tonji Jun 19, 2017
Girl even if you tyed a blind fold around her eyes a curious child's mind will wonder
bbygrlzee bbygrlzee Mar 16, 2017
What God is putting you through noww is only the beginning of Something tremendous Honey❤️
luvy1tonji luvy1tonji Jun 19, 2017
Honestly I hate to question the lord to but I be havin so many questions without amswers
jaiiboii jaiiboii Feb 22
Dang😭 this a sad start in the book but I love it so far❤️
drippy_liyahh drippy_liyahh Jul 18, 2017
I know we're not supposed to question him but it's like I just hurt so bad. Sometimes I feel like he's forgotten about me or that he doesn't love me.
luvy1tonji luvy1tonji Jun 19, 2017
Y'all smoking dick bruh , you know how many ppl would kill to have a few slices of bread a day