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The Pharaoh's Whore (#Wattys2016)

The Pharaoh's Whore (#Wattys2016)

29K Reads 1.4K Votes 31 Part Story
❤Ily Lunny❤ By Elizabeth_Block Updated Jan 27

Ife, just another mistress to Great Pharaoh, Ptolomey XII Alutes, finds herself in grave danger when her lover flees the country when a plot is discovered to assassinate him. She finds herself in constant fear for her life, the self proclaimed Queen, Trypheana and Bernice, both daughters of the pharaoh, when they threaten to sentence her to death if she doesn't renounce that Ptolomey was unfit to rule, and that they are the rightful and divine rulers of all Egypt. Ife can only trust 2 people, the younger daughters of the Pharaoh, Aisöne and Cleopatra. If it couldn't get any worse, Ife finds out that she is pregnant with the Pharaoh's child. Ife means love in Egypt, so will she stay true to her love, the Pharaoh, or will she succumb to the Queens for her life?

chasity_victoria chasity_victoria Apr 16, 2016
This a great story love the plot, perhaps we can get just a tad more background on the main characters life as to how her parents died.
RRR_29 RRR_29 May 22, 2016
I like the fact, that the genre is not as common as we used to read. Maybe, elaborate more the scenes and explain why. Like, in the first part, I got confused about the conversation. Anyway, the rest is good. :)
liamsbaexx liamsbaexx May 20, 2016
I think that the story's plot is well put together and that all the details that you incorporated we're a big contribution to the chapter! This was really great and I can't wait to read more ☺❤
onlyflowergirl onlyflowergirl May 29, 2016
I love that this is a unique book . What I mean by that is that you barely even see books related like this . I like that you mixed Historical facts with Fiction. You have some mistakes and I got confused in some parts but the rest was great . Keep up the great work ! :)
wreathed wreathed May 20, 2016
Hmm . . . Your story is pretty interesting, and I like that it's Historical Fiction (Honestly, they're rare). Maybe a few little touches and it'll be even nicer! Great job overall! :))))
KaylaDeming KaylaDeming Jun 25, 2016
This story plot line is amazing. Really unique and definitely well written. Maybe adding a bit more details to the main character's life. But other wise it's really good.