Soulmates?! (Boy x Boy)

Soulmates?! (Boy x Boy)

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Trash :^) By Levis_Main_Bleach Updated Jan 25

When you meet your soulmate, your chest glows. Yes, it glows, just the middle of it. You don't need to be under or over a certain age to find your soulmate. It could be anyone. It could be a girl, it could be a guy. It can happen at any point in time, no matter if you've known your soulmate your whole life or if you've just met them. Therefore, your soulmate could make you gay, they could make you straight. But, of course, just because you have a soulmate doesn't mean you can't crush on someone else, right? Right. But, what happens when your soulmate is the person you despise, and what happens if the two "fall for each other" too quickly?

  Toshiaki Yuba was kind of short, about 5'6. His black hair falls over his forehead, stopping just before it meets his black rimmed glasses. He has a cute, welcoming smile with pure blue eyes. He likes reading manga and watching anime. Toshiaki's pretty shy but sweet. He isn't very good at sticking up for himself or his (few) friends. Nobody really knows, but he's gay. He gets bullied a lot by the toughest and most popular guy in school, Yoshiro Masume. 

  Yoshiro Masume is tall, 6'2 with light brown hair, slightly spiked in the front. Blue-green eyes that look like the sea. He's got a fit, toned body. Almost perfect. He likes playing soccer and football. Soccer in the spring, football in autumn. He works out, too. Yoshiro was very handsome and lots of the girls thought he was cute, even though some of them had already found their soulmates. He doesn't really have a reason, but Yoshiro picked on this nerd named Toshiaki. Just for fun.

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Ereri_ghost Ereri_ghost May 09, 2017
Nice start and as lo so far he sounds really cute with great fashion sense. Tokyo ghoul
duckbutt_uchiha2230 duckbutt_uchiha2230 Feb 12, 2017
Socks magically appearing on feet is creepy at first like how did you get here I know I didn't grab you
phycopath14 phycopath14 Oct 09, 2016
                              *makes dramatic slurping sounds then passes out*
idfk_sebastian idfk_sebastian Jan 08, 2017
sooo gooood! i cant wait for the good stuff. keep up the great work ^u^
artistoncall artistoncall Oct 06, 2016
Omigod this writing...socks were somehow magically put on. seems legit ...i love it
MissMessrPadfoot MissMessrPadfoot Dec 05, 2016
I just started reading the mandga and i've only watched like 2 or 3 episodes........ITS SO GOOD!!!