Keep It A Secret

Keep It A Secret

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Captain Swan By TheCaptainSwanOncers Updated Jul 26, 2016

What if Emma never said that her amazing kiss with Captain Killian Jones was a 'A One Time Thing'?

Join everyone on their journey through Neverland with not only the dangers of Dreamshade, Lost boys, and Peter Pan but also drama and heartbreak throughout season 3 of the tv show Once Upon A Time on ABC

*I do not own any of the Once Upon A rime characters or it's plot line

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al_grimes al_grimes Apr 18, 2017
Emma Charming; got a nice ring to it, eh? Not a good as Emma Jones though
Ilikecaptainswan Ilikecaptainswan Dec 08, 2016
I feel bad for laughing so hard at the picture at the top. Neal was ok but Hook is SOO much better
travels_with_ouat travels_with_ouat May 12, 2016
I seriously laugh every stinking time I see the pic thats in your header - 😂😂😂 IT IS EXACTLY ME
pie5008 pie5008 Jan 07, 2017
Why does no one understand that she has a big fat mouth that constantly spills secrets??