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Chaos's Commander (A Percy Jackson Fanfiction) UNDER EDITING!!!

Chaos's Commander (A Percy Jackson Fanfiction) UNDER EDITING!!!

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Fandom_Freak123 By Fandom_Freak123 Updated Feb 22

There are several words that most people avoid being:




All those words wrapped together create something horrid, something that would have to be created by something even worse

Created by a monster

Created by the demigods of 
Camp Half-Blood

Epsilon, the son of Chaos, heir to the throne, prince of the stars, master of time, commander of the most feared group of soldiers,
formerly Perseus Jackson Son of Poseidon

This is hella unrealistic. The nature of people is the same wherever you are.
Wait a sec.....
                              Did I just see 'meatball launching machine'?
                              LEO YOU GENIUS. GIMME.
iamblue141 iamblue141 Mar 06, 2016
*facedesk* you do realise that First, Second, and Third Bros (Chaos, Huanmeng, and Linmeng) could probably make it if they weren't so lazy, right?
ehowell3sis ehowell3sis Jan 09
I think I read this before. I'm not sure though. I have a bad memory I guess.
StarWarsMao StarWarsMao Apr 02, 2016
                              POKEMON I KNOW ITS MY DESTINY!!!
                              P. S. "GOTTA KILL EM ALL!!!"
                              —Coach Gleeson Hedge
                              Percy: We all know you could go on forever, just cu it already
                              Me: IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII-
                              Percy: STOP! *glares*
                              Me: GHT.
                              Seriously, I was gonna finish soon enough, just let me do my thing. *huffs*
                              Percy: *rolls eyes* whatever.