This is Our Home: A Collection of Skyrim Short Stories

This is Our Home: A Collection of Skyrim Short Stories

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Wolfie By Wolfiesta Updated Feb 13

I highly recommend you read my completed Skyrim works before reading this book.

Sometimes, authors have ideas that look good in rough drafts, or in early versions of their works, but don't make any sense after they get done polishing up the story they're writing. Most authors would shrug it off and just leave the idea floating around, never to be seen by the public. Not me. No, I don't like to waste writing. I don't want to keep these crazy ideas to myself. I want to share them with the world. And that was where the idea for This is Our Home came from.

This book is a collection of short stories that didn't make the cut when I was writing my other books. Features any characters from previous books and any characters that will be requested. 

Requests are always open.

NOTE: This is not a reader insert book or one-shots book. This will all be written from a first-person perspective.

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tamrielhiraeth tamrielhiraeth Dec 01, 2016
Farkas, here you go. Apply this ointment twice daily for your third degree burns.
                              ( my Skyrim character in the background going "SLAY VILKAS SLAYYYY"
littlesisterluna littlesisterluna Dec 28, 2015
I absolutely love these short stories, you never fail to please! Well done
EmbersUprising EmbersUprising Dec 02, 2015
EmbersUprising EmbersUprising Dec 02, 2015
Uhhh... Because they're entertaining, and you have a weapon at your disposal if your attacked while reading them?
EmanuelaAresu EmanuelaAresu Nov 12, 2015
This was brilliant and beautiful! you centered in the middle of the twins! I love your stories !!
allison_clc allison_clc Nov 12, 2015
Whenever Vilkas and Farkas are together in these stories I always imagine them as two really cute labrador puppies. XD Love it