Remember Love (Book 2)

Remember Love (Book 2)

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9 Months Later 


D.O.A: Dead on arrival. That's what I was pronounced, when I first had arrived to the hospital. My time of death was 9:53 PM on a Saturday night-which is so fucking weird how I'm even alive, when I died. 

The last thing I remember was everything turning black and a stinging pain shooting the back of my head. The next thing I remember, was jumping up in the hospital bed and hearing two doctors yell at me, asking me if I could hear them. 

The bullet that hit me, hit my skull, then ricocheted out of my cheek. Leaving nothing, but a metal plate keeping the back of my skull intact. It also required me to shave all of my hair off. I was technically dead for twenty damn minutes, but in the Doctor's words, "I refused to die." 

I was still supposed to be dead, but I'm not. The only thing that happened to me was a metal plate in the back of my head, a scar along my cheek, and currently an awkward length fro of curls that I covered with a wig. One thing though, that made ...

amesbonet amesbonet 3 days ago
You know right now, at this exact moment in time: Odell ain't sh*t and he never was. I'm pissed.
amesbonet amesbonet 3 days ago
Mya took a bullet for you, just for you to go and shoot up somebody else's coochie with ya pistol?!
Myaalyse Myaalyse Nov 16
I should just yanked him by his big aih head to the ground smh
Take one step forward and take 50 steps tf back with you nigga... get it tf together Odell