Remember Love (Book 2)

Remember Love (Book 2)

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9 Months Later 


D.O.A: Dead on arrival. That's what I was pronounced, when I first had arrived to the hospital. My time of death was 9:53 PM on a Saturday night-which is so fucking weird how I'm even alive, when I died. 

The last thing I remember was everything turning black and a stinging pain shooting the back of my head. The next thing I remember, was jumping up in the hospital bed and hearing two doctors yell at me, asking me if I could hear them. 

The bullet that hit me, hit my skull, then ricocheted out of my cheek. Leaving nothing, but a metal plate keeping the back of my skull intact. It also required me to shave all of my hair off. I was technically dead for twenty damn minutes, but in the Doctor's words, "I refused to die." 

I was still supposed to be dead, but I'm not. The only thing that happened to me was a metal plate in the back of my head, a scar along my cheek, and currently an awkward length fro of curls that I covered with a wig. One thing though, that made ...

shemiahh shemiahh Jan 03
U can catch these hands. Foh. I swear he's so dumb and I trust him every time🙄🙄🗡
She feel like she ain't good enough . I swear dog, if I was in this book😒
BabyGirl283 BabyGirl283 5 days ago
WHY ARE GOING RAW?!? This would've never happened if you would just keep OJ in your damn pants
_Next2You _Next2You Jan 04
Thank God. I remember something like this happened in a movie