Shattered  // DARYL DIXON

Shattered // DARYL DIXON

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dead food By grimesalad Updated Nov 14

"You gotta admit it, I've saved your ass more times than Carl can count." Daryl added.

"I'm sorry," I sighed, pushing myself onto my tiptoes, our lips connected together causing butterflies to fill my stomach, "I'm sorry for being such an asshole."

He smirked a little causing me to smile, I still didn't know what this meant : for us. But I hoped this meant something.

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Molly, her sister Cherry and her father Dr. Jenner have been living in the CDC since the end of the world began. After the dramatic death of her mother the family is broken. Then a group of survivors drop in and change their lives. As time goes by, Cherry becomes more jealous and dangerously unstable. Daryl also grows to be protective of Molly. Molly must deal with the growing hatred between her and her sister before things get worse. Also tackling a confusing relationship with Daryl?
  [ mature ]

squashua-dun squashua-dun Dec 02, 2015
Very good! Question, are you still writing it? Like, updating or whatever? *words fail me*