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Jason Grimwald is different. He's dark, gloomy, and scary.

All his life he's isolated himself from everyone except his little brother, Mason and his guardian, Uncle Harry. You see, if you had what Jason has, you'd do the same thing.

But when you isolate yourself, people notice you. They notice how weird you are, and how psycho you seem, and they give you funny nicknames like Grimm because you remind then of the Grim Reaper. They don't know your story so they'll make one up, they won't bother trying to understand you because what's the point? Eventually they go away, they all do. They all stop wondering and eventually, they give up.

Well, all but one.

Meet Donna Shapiro, a quiet and smart individual. Ever since elementary school, everyone, and especially boys, loved her. Almost everyone wanted to be her friend but she hated that. She preferred being alone, writing, listening to music, reading, and wondering about Jason.

The moment their eyes met in grade 6, she became curious. She wondered why the kid never talked, and why he seemed so... Interesting.

Of course she was always to shy to make the first move, until now. 

Usually Jason ignored whenever people interacted with him, but this time it was different, she's different. The moment the two of them become involved, BOTH their worlds are turned upside down.

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Me with my brother🙄 Although we both plays sports and are in Ap classes
Mimi_Safiya Mimi_Safiya Jul 27
Does the name Grimwald remind anyone else of Grindelwald from Harry Potter?
sammoakes sammoakes Jul 27
Ok I'm guessing ur gonna use the guy from ARROW on netflix in future picks cause he's always In a red hood on the show. BTW that show is great
LonerInTheHood LonerInTheHood Dec 10, 2016
I know it's meant to say brown, but I couldn't help to imagine her with long eyebrow hair😂
NewFoneWhoDis NewFoneWhoDis Nov 16, 2016
                              I regret nothing, I enjoyed typing this🤗
Gina_Marie10 Gina_Marie10 Dec 26, 2016
omg i read that book during the school year and i told them i lost it just so i didnt have to return it