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Night Jasmine

Night Jasmine

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kahiliginger By kahiliginger Updated Jun 28

She grew up adoring him. Even after he drifted far due to circumstances the adulation continued. The fragrance of the night jasmine he planted to placate her left his mark. As she blossomed into a lissome maiden it filled her with a longing she could not bring herself to express- her feelings remained locked safe in the vault of her mind. Many tried to woo her but could never take his place, her heart belonged only to him! 
     On the other hand he held vague memories of her, having left her far behind while she was still a child- his mother made sure no vestiges from the past would have any impact on his future, he had to live up to his influential pedigree. The elite boarding school, the internship abroad, the Ivy league education- a carefully charted path well-colluded to ensure that the Shekhawat fortunes would soar like a phoenix. There was too much at stake, she carefully groomed him to take over the business empire as he was their ultimate gilt-edged investment. She was a Sanyal before she became a Shekhawat-the daughter of a successful corporate Moghul, and soon realised that she must prevail before the clan had another opportunity to squander the ancestral wealth with their whims and a myopic vision. She vetted everything-who Randhir made friends with, whom he dated, who his business acquaintances were, what blue chip companies he put the money in- in the hope that he would never stray from the path to success, unlike his father before him. 
     Little did Renuka Shekhawat know that destiny once writ is unlikely to unravel, you cannot always make the future your slave. 
     What will happen when the two young people meet again, this time playing very different roles unlike those in their childhood?

Devakibb Devakibb Apr 08, 2016
bongali bhi..??wow yr.. kokani write a story using marathi...😃
riyamishra110 riyamishra110 Mar 06, 2016
Are you a bong???
                              If not then tell me how many languages have you learned... I like the way you detail everything miss out nothing... If you are a native then it's good but if you have researched then salute
sweetynith sweetynith Jul 03, 2016
Its cute.. planting jasmine great idea indeed instead of keeping a floor.. interesting n unique
Halestorm21 Halestorm21 Mar 14, 2016
I don't read Sandhir fiction mainly because I'm picky about writing styles. I like yours. I'll be reading this. 
                              I was recommended your work by a friend of mine on here.  I'm glad I listened. Your description is delightfully visual and detailed.
DivyaHL DivyaHL Feb 01, 2016
@kahiliginger I've just read 2 parts and I can easily conclude, you have a fantastic vocabulary.... and 2 simple updates written so marvellously that it catches the readers attention...!! Expand Ur imagination and keep writing!!! :)
riyamishra110 riyamishra110 Mar 06, 2016
Oh this is the story behind the planting of the night Jasmine... Coincidentally this is exactly what happened with one of my friends. When her parakeet died she planted a flower sapling at the place he was buried.and takes care of it...You are really an amazing writer