Before It's Too Late (IPliers/Anti/Jackglitch x Reader)

Before It's Too Late (IPliers/Anti/Jackglitch x Reader)

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Exterminate The Haters By sierragunnells Completed

You would think being a YouTuber and friend of Markiplier and Jacksepticeye would be cool...until you do a collab with them in person. What happens when Darkiplier escapes from Mark? What about Antisepticeye from Jack? And what happens when you get caught in the mix? What about the rest of the Ipliers and Jackglitch? Find out in this IPliers/Anti/Jackglitch story!

DISCLAIMER!!! I do not own any of the characters in this story nor the fanart for the cover and at the top of the chapters! I also do not own the character Jackglitch. That was @Karathegamer's idea and I enjoyed it. The only thing I own is the storyline, but I am open to suggestions from any and all!

Enjoy the story!

guys look carefully! The author put ALL THE WAY! Get it?
                              * plays Jacksepticeyes all the way song on *
Ok but is it wrong that I immediately read the title in Jacks voice
its been so long since ive read this so ill have to reread all of it but I don mind bcuz itza reelly good story!
YoloAmo2000 YoloAmo2000 Jun 15
Hehe! I was about to like this story when I saw the amount of like was 69! Hahahaha! Sorry I have the literal worst sense of humour! Peace Out! ; D
You live an hour's drive from him and don't go to his house on a weekly basis
I want to live in Ireland. I donvt care what others say, I like the weather