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Kingdom Hearts Lemon Request (SORRY YO, ON HOLD)

Kingdom Hearts Lemon Request (SORRY YO, ON HOLD)

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Eve, Riv, Ska, and Nyct By KHourwayFTW Updated Mar 13, 2016

Hey guys :D We're taking request for kh lemons now and not just writing stories. Yay! Yaoi, yuri, and straight pairings included. You can request soraxriku or roxasxaxel or terraxaqua or even kairixnamine. We will do both our kingdom Hearts Fanfiction AND game version. You may request Crack pairings. If you have read our Fanfiction, you may request a kh x one of our ocs that you like. You can request ocxoc from our series. If you want to add yourself, please say female!reader, male!reader, or bigender!reader. describe sexuality, if reader is experienced or inexperienced, or a bit of their life. you may request reader with one of our ocs or a kh character. if you want kh Fanfiction or game version of characters, say Fanfiction or game version but only if you've read Fanfiction version (by those I mean their stories. Not exactly OOC but have a bit of different stories but still same story from game and situation). if you haven't, then just go ahead and request game version. We do have a right to reject if it's too extreme, such as incest (well furthest we'll go is siblings and cousins. Nothing else extreme), crack pairings that especially would be uncomfortable, and too extreme of rape to murder. Such rules like that. Be respectful! Constructive criticism is welcome. I don't take bullies or rude people. We don't own KH characters. they belong to square ex.

khgirl678 khgirl678 Apr 21, 2016
Can you do a Terra x Aqua lemon please? I've been dying to find a good one!
- - Jun 11, 2016
Would it be possible if you could do a sora x reader x Riku lemon?
Toxic_Blood_Rain Toxic_Blood_Rain Nov 03, 2015
I got to say again Eve, riv, everyone on this account is awsome! Never forget that #brofist!
Toxic_Blood_Rain Toxic_Blood_Rain Nov 03, 2015
So much fun I'm gunna have fun with cloud and Sephiroth thanks to you
KHourwayFTW KHourwayFTW Nov 03, 2015
Toxic_Blood_Rain Toxic_Blood_Rain Nov 02, 2015
That was the best chapter of lemons I had ever read from you guys... I am literally smiling sadistically right now. THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!;3