just another hannigram au

just another hannigram au

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Punk!Will - young, unstable, broken - is sent to a psychiatrist, a certain Dr. Hannibal Lecter. When feelings arouse, things get complicated. 

* this is my first hannigram fanfiction, I hope it's not that bad :) * 
Embrace the gay
♡ ♡ ♡

Nah, it doesn't really get complicated. More like slow burn, so slow and eventually some sexy times and then...

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SophieWarner1994 SophieWarner1994 Oct 26, 2017
Reminds me of me when I went to a psychiatrist. It went like "Yes, I self harm and I constantly think about suicide , but I'm fine. Thanks."
LemonXoxo LemonXoxo Mar 27, 2016
Are you going to update more chapters? :"( 
                              It would be awesome if you did
Fluorescencyjna Fluorescencyjna Jul 27, 2016
"Why don't you take off your shirt, too" YESSS WILLY, DO IT. WE'RE ALL WAITING FOR IT, ESPECIALLY LECTER.
sherwock sherwock May 26, 2016
This is exactly what I said when my mom sent me to a psychiatric
WhoWantsToLive WhoWantsToLive Feb 22, 2017
Calm down bro, you just met, you haven't even had a proper conversation yet