mr. and mrs. dragneel (nalu)

mr. and mrs. dragneel (nalu)

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Wierd as ever By _death_note_316 Updated Aug 07

name:lucy heartfilia 

lucy is and undercover spy who is still in highschool she has to search for a guy who she Had been told
was gonna be her partner 
the guys name is natsu.

name:natsu dragneel
eyes: onxy green 
 natsu is not and undercover spy and knows nothing about it,but his family is keeping that secret from him, lucys parents and natsus parents are both spies in the same coporation and happen to be lucys boss,the reason they need natsu is because they're tired of keeping the secret from him also lucys on a mission she's never has a partner she's always gone solo and was never in danger but the mission she was assigned this time would be difficult.
find out what the mission is and the adventure that awaits 

I do not own characters all rights to hiro mashima

ha jb come on let him die it would be to risky to protect him for nothing
emaPants emaPants Jan 29
I think the story is good but it would be better if you could add some punctuation maybe...
EpicDashXD EpicDashXD May 12
If it were me doing that mission, I'd be like, "just let the bastard die. Nobody likes him"
Oh well... leave him alone. Just let him die. Nobody wants to hear him continuously sing baby baby baby again so just let him die
Could've pick Thevworlds heart throbe EXO or BTS or even Jay Park
Author Sama you r a great bully and how u embarrassed Natsu hahahaha😂😂😂😂