The Strongest Love. (Niam Fanfic...With Larry)

The Strongest Love. (Niam Fanfic...With Larry)

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☁☁☁☁ By pajamabanana Updated Jun 27, 2013

"What do you mean he can't walk?"

Harry looked confused, while Liam seemed on the verge of tears; causing everyone in the small room to feel terrible. 

The doctor glanced back at the boy in the hospital bed and sighed slightly to himself. This was one of the reasons he hated his job. Being the bearer of bad news wasn't always easy. 

"He'll never walk again, I'm so sorry..." He trailed off as his eyes met the boys' once again and he decided to leave the room. The man quickly made his way towards the door, feeling guilty.

As soon as the door clicked, all five boys let out breaths they weren't aware they had been holding.

What do we do now?

When the boys of One Direction are thrown into a situation they don't know how to handle, they're left confused and scared. Will love be able to help them through this tough time? Will everything be ok, allowing the past to be 'undone'?
I suck at descriptions lol sorry. Read the first chapter, tell me what you think?
I have three stories going on now ahh! I can't stop. Hopefully I can do this...or maybe I'll just continue the one with the most votes, idk. Anyways thanks for giving this a shot! I've got some ideas for this(;