No! I Don't Love You!

No! I Don't Love You!

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Can love happen twice? Heard somewhere this phase? Oh yeah in Ravinder Singh's book. But this is not his story. Let me ask you clearly, Can love happen twice with the same person? If you could love the person once again then what made you to hate him in the first place? 

Okay, Do you believe there is Life after love Failure and Love after Love Failure? wait! You may be wondering that you have heard this quote somewhere in a film. Again this story is not from that film. 

Then what is this story about?
It is a about a girl, who falls in love with the one who snatched the love from her life, who dissolved her family and made her orphan. In simple words you can say that heroine of the story falls in love with villain. I can guess that you all are wondering 'What? Usually heroine will love hero, then what is this? how can a girl fall in love with such a heartless man?' To know the answer read the story. Simple, isn't it?

How far can one go in the name of love? Will a person be so selfish that he will ruin a girl's love in order to make his love successful? Confusing? Don't worry!!! You will figure it out. 

I would like to thank @cupcake_delirium for the wonderful book covers. I am always grateful to her. I would also like to extend my gratitude to @lifestory1995, she also made beautiful cover for my book.

I would also like to thank my readers, because of their constant support, my story ranked #8 in General Fiction on October 11, 2017 and on April 4, 2018 :-)

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