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Silly Love {Septiplier}

Silly Love {Septiplier}

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Muscle Hustle! By MatsuMania Completed

Mark's Pov: Jack's been living with me for awhile now, almost a month! I heard my clock tick loudly as I paced around my room, waiting for my Senpai. I had a crush on Jack for a LONG, LONG time. It's just his ocean blue eyes, they'd always sparkle in the light. And his gorgeous green hair, it was softer than any fabric in The World! And his smile, it could light a whole room. I just wanted him to be mine...

Jack's Pov: I was living with Mark in California for about a month, I was just at the park playing with my little Septic Eye, Sam. We played fetch for about a few hours, I was exhausted when I walked back to Mark's place. I threw open the door and Mark wasn't anywhere, "Mark?" I called. No answer, I passed his room and I felt someone behind me. The man put his hands on my shoulders, I swung around, ready to punch the living daylights out of him! "WHOA!" It was just Mark, "Mark!? I'm SO sorry!" I put my head in my hands. "Hey, no big deal! But what IS the big deal is that you're not...

ThatEyeNamedSam ThatEyeNamedSam May 13, 2016
Pet box😂😂I want one. I also want a septic eye. It's would be so cool!
Danjuo Danjuo Feb 22, 2016
Seeeeeeeeennnpiiiiiii!!!! Notice me seeeeeennnnnnnnppppppiiiiiiiiiii!!!l
DeadlyKitten3 DeadlyKitten3 Jun 05, 2016
Just imagine...
                              "Hey, what's that?"
                              "My pet box."
                              "Your what?"
                              "My. Pet. Box."
                              *slowly walks away
Adrius_Vaeldeath Adrius_Vaeldeath May 25, 2016
*sarcasm* Yeah. . .they're TOTALLY NOT mental (note the emphasis and extra sarcasm on 'TOTALLY NOT').
Danjuo Danjuo Feb 22, 2016
Wait, are they actual box's and septic eyes??? #ConfuzzledAF
sereinnn sereinnn Aug 03, 2016
Well ok now I have another idea for a pet to ask for. Like I've asked for a cat, dog, fish, rock and none worked. A box is bound to be allowed in my household though