Save me from Myself

Save me from Myself

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forgotten_nerds By forgotten_nerds Updated Jun 04, 2017

Cover credited to Hyosmiley

(Re-write of my other story) 

Kim Hyo-Yeon, a 17 year old girl who was trained to assassinate people at a very young age by a group who 'accidentally' killed her entire family while on their own mission. After all those years of training, she's wanted nothing but revenge for her family but knew too well that she still wasn't ready to attack a WHOLE group. With revenge on her bucket list, a mission comes up. This mission sending her into school, unfortunately for her though, a lot of obstacles come in her way before she can get the job done. These obstacles actually start to effect her in a way, ruining everything and destroying the walls she had builded up for so long.

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Angah_F2 Angah_F2 Nov 04, 2015
this really good..i have been following this story in AFF..but this is much better and really interesting..
SoshiJjang89091 SoshiJjang89091 Nov 02, 2015
I just read your A/N at aff. So i decide to find this stories here. Good job authornim.