Buying The Enemy

Buying The Enemy

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Mannu By ItsRainingChocolates Updated Oct 31, 2013

Meet Hayden Matthews: 

She's a tomboy, who likes to play Soccer in her classic 06 Jersey and ragged shorts along with the boys of the Varsity Soccer team at Texas High. She likes irritating the plastic Barbies of her school and also likes to laugh at them later. She likes to take frequent trips to the Principal's office for her delinquent-ness. The whole school looks up to her. Dream high school life, much?  

But there's a problem. A problem that involves two legs and a big mouth that woes to bring Hayden and her ego down. A problem called Raymond Gillies. 

A stereotypical player who hooks up with anything with two legs and good curves.  

As soon as he comes into her life, he makes her life a living hell. The once very popular Hayden has become a social joke all due to the courtesy of Raymond. 

So, what happens when Hayden is hellbent on getting back at him by buying him for one week and making his life as miserable as hers? Can these two ever learn to compromise for the other or will they always keep fighting like no tomorrow?