A cure for crazy

A cure for crazy

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hannaandkelly By hannaandkelly Updated Apr 25, 2013

I will always remember the day that they took Austin away. He was always a little... weird. He would backchat to teachers, ruffle my hair all the time and even started a few food fights. But we never thought for a moment that he was crazy. OK, so what if he was a little strange I will never as long as I live forget when he left. 

Lilys life was normal. She had three great friends and an amazing school life. That is until they find out her best friend Austin is mentally unstable, after he beat someone to death in front of the school.

He was taken straight to an insane asylum, and three months later he's allowed visitors. His other friends, Simona and Callie, refuse to go. But Lily needs to see if he's the same.

Can she help him piece his life back together?