My Possessive Ex- Boyfriend

My Possessive Ex- Boyfriend

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Jen and Josh had been dating for 5 years but their relationship was never sweet and loving kind of love but controlling and full of distrust. Josh tries to control all her actions but Jen, not the submissive type, does not really listen to Josh but tries to  do things that will sustain their relationship as she believes that Josh is made for her and she is made for Josh. When she finally gives up their relationship due to Josh's over possessiveness and controllingness, she wanted to break but Josh does not let her go that easily. He wants Jen and nothing is stopping him. 

Connor , Jen's actual mate found Jen when she ran into his territory unknowingly when she was running away from Josh's warriors and trackers. When Jen thought she could finally live in peace with her true mate, little did she know that Josh is out there for her, secretly planning  to get her back despite the fact that he had found his mate. Will Connor sit around and watch what Josh plans to turn into reality or will he fight him to protect Jen?

*Contains vulgar language. 
Btw, this is a werewolf story and both of them are Alphas (Josh and Connor ).

im_me_how_bout_u im_me_how_bout_u 7 days ago
This isy I'm a single Pringle so I can talk to anyone I want and flirt with anyone I want while being called a slut and a hoe
SidJpug SidJpug Aug 13, 2016
How was he the controlling douc end being apologized to when nothing was your fault
Sibilance Sibilance May 19, 2016
Who puts *puppy eyes* in a message I wish she finds her mate and get away from you josh you psycho!!!!!
TheRulerOfHell TheRulerOfHell Apr 11, 2016
Dude imagine if her mate turned out to be mates and it was her best bros. now that would be something
ejacuharry ejacuharry Jul 20, 2016
Bish say whaaa?
                              I will not and I repeat NOT give up my guy friends to please your sorry ass
Squidtcyc Squidtcyc Jan 03, 2016
Sorry all for the many many packs name. I can't remember the previous one when I write it. Sorry loves. 🙏