All Because Of Him

All Because Of Him

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J.J. Yves By jjyves14 Completed

Jiyeon has never had a nemesis before.

She's been moving from one place to another that she barely even managed to make a friend, let alone a nemesis.

But something seemed different about this new town they've moved into. Especially when she not only finds her whole family staying, but also encounters this boy who keeps antagonizing her at every turn.

But as they grow up alongside each other, Jiyeon realizes that there may be more to him than his pranks. That all along, he may just be trying to become someone she's never had: a friend, and maybe something more.

That is if she will let him.

This is my NaNoWriMo Project for 2015. And yes, I've done it! Huzzah! It's still pretty much unedited though so if you notice any inconsistencies and grammar problems, you're welcome to tell me. XD Thank you!

Posted at November 1, 2015
Completed at December 1, 2015

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annamayashford annamayashford Apr 26, 2017
This is a fantastic book! I have voted! Please check mine out I'm new to this and writing! Any advice will be great! Thank you 😊
- - Jun 15, 2017
Hey buddy... not trying 2 b mean here, and not correcting u, or anything but u need 2 stop correcting her on her grammar, she's doing fine. And so what if she makes a mistake, it's okay
superstar_kamc superstar_kamc Jun 03, 2016
OH MY GOSH. I'VE READ THIS 3 YEARS AGO IN AFF AND RE READ IT AGAIN TODAY THEN SAW THIS. OH MU GOSH REALLY. anyways why is it "All because of him" instead of the original title in aff?
undercover_overlover undercover_overlover Jan 19, 2016
I think the second part of the chapter should've been a prologue, and the first part of chapter one should've been part of the first chapter, it would have worked better. Other than that, I enjoyed the chapter and can't wait to find out what happened.
Tetras Tetras Jan 15, 2016
That's a really dangerous thing to try to hook her sandwich with a fishing hook. I'm glad she wasn't hurt!
ChayAvalerias ChayAvalerias Jan 13, 2016
Did you mean that he actually castes his line and hooked the sandwich with his hook and reeled it in?  If so, that needs more clarification.