Escaping the Friend Zone (unfinished)

Escaping the Friend Zone (unfinished)

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Miranda Lee By Lee430 Updated Apr 05, 2015

"Relax." Chase whispered in my ear to soothe me, even though it didn't work.

"I can't." I squeezed the cup in my hand tighter, making some of the contents spill out.

"This is never going to work if you don't relax." 

I took a deep breath and glanced around before smashing my lips to his.

I can't believe I lost my first kiss like this.

Kendall Wittmann is in a sad place where no one wants to land; The Friend Zone.

Madly in love with her best friend, Max, she listens to him talk about the same girl everyday, praying that it's her. 

Chase Odeman is her annoying neighbor, who also happens to be the schools 'bad boy'. They don't talk, but she knows enough to stay away from him.

When Chase finds out about her problem, he suggests to make him jealous with another guy. With who? 

The schools bad boy of course.