Daddy's love

Daddy's love

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notme94 By notme94 Completed

I'm in trouble. 

 I like him. 

A lot. 

Now, "liking" is not the whole problem. 'A lot' maybe yes. 

But most importantly it's who. 

Who is it? 

My father. 

Father. F-A-T-H-E-R. Father.

Great, when did my life get complicated.

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RexTheBoy RexTheBoy Aug 20
Ummmmm. You didn't mention sexy tho. Are you suuuuuure you like him.
Vampire_Demon Vampire_Demon Dec 11, 2016
He flings me on the couch\sofa. Took of mine and his clothes and we had hot sex all night long. At one point the bítch walked in but we did care nor pay attention to her we just continued to have hot and sweet sex.
Like i have read this story over ten times.It's just soo good even though its short like i would totally want this to turn into a book
-potatobutt -potatobutt Feb 25
                              PLEASE tell me you know where this came from
StalkerAtYourWindow StalkerAtYourWindow Dec 09, 2016
I-I think...... I-I think..... I think he might be............  SEXY
I was gonna stop reading this book as soon as I checked the amount of chapters, but they are long and really good 😊 well done ❤️