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Jasmine By CinderScoria Updated Jul 12, 2012


World famous teenage rockstar Rocky Nelson has just been kidnapped by two girls who really don't know what they're doing, while his brothers hire an idiot detective to track him down. Escaping should be easy, except for the tiny fact that he may or may not have developed a whacko sort of Stockholm Syndrome on Maya, the "leader", and the fact that gang members keep popping up and trying to kidnap him from his kidnappers. Just why would a twenty-year-old young woman abduct a rockstar? What is really going on behind his kidnapping? And why is it that the bad guy in the story... might not be so bad after all?

CinderScoria CinderScoria Sep 16, 2011
@0excaliber Omigosh thanks! That's such a compliment! *bows* I'm glad you like it/continue to like it!
0excaliber 0excaliber Sep 16, 2011
Your first edition of Oops was awesome! This one has professional awesome written all over it!!!
CinderScoria CinderScoria Sep 14, 2011
@justgrace ME TOOOO! Lol, if you want to know how it ends you can read the other one. But trust me when I say this one's twenty times better. :P Thanks for clicking on my story though!
hobbity0923 hobbity0923 Sep 14, 2011
I LOVE THE WHATS NEW LiST. Should I read the other one our keep going with this? Cause I love it
StarlightInspiration StarlightInspiration Sep 01, 2011
@CinderScoria Haha, your story, do it the way you like :) I'm going to remain attached to certain parts of the original, whether or not you do it better :P You should keep both :)
CinderScoria CinderScoria Sep 01, 2011
@StarlightInspiration Lol alright, I can add that scene in a flashback if you want me to! (Because she says "write!" and I say "what scene?")
                              @XundecidedX ROFL girls, don't fight! Plenty of chapters to go around! :P I love how SNAPPY is in all caps.