A Month Stuck With The Enemy (A One Direction Fanfiction)

A Month Stuck With The Enemy (A One Direction Fanfiction)

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Louisisawesome By Louisisawesome Updated May 08, 2013

Get good grades; Check!

Always behave; Check!

Show motivation; Check!

Volunteer for social projects; Check!

"If you happen to follow these four simple rules this upcoming year, you may happen to win a price." Mr. Princeton, the voice of the principal filled the room. Whispers and chattering closely filled the current silence Mr. Princeton gave to let his words linger. "This price includes living a month with a celebrity." Squeaks of joy and gasps filled the room. "The name of the celebrity won't be stated. At the end of the year, before spring break we'll be announcing the 5 winners. You may leave now and good luck." 

Valerie, Stella, Brianna, Marie and Bentley, 5 out of hundreds of students of the Kingsley High school, always privileged to follow these rules. So it wasn't really surprise that the five of them actually won, nor did it surprise the other students as well the teachers. Though what did surprise the 5 friends was or to be more precisely, were the celebrities they had to live with. Although it seemed like teenage girls all over the world were completely in love with them, they weren't. In fact, they hated them.

Mix 5 girls who absolutely despise a certain British/Irish boy band. What happens?